Foooooooood glorious fooooooooooood, nothing quite like it….


Our meals supplied on board are superb quality.  With portions large enough to satisfy the biggest of appetites.  All meals are cooked fresh on board every day (nothing pre-cooked away from the boat and reheated), from excellent ingredients sourced locally if at all possible.

A monster cake

              A monster cake

Food is served every day except Saturdays

Typically, a day starts with a fairly modest breakfast of a variety of cereals, toast (with a huge selection of jams), boiled eggs, tea and coffee.     We like you to be done with eating by the time we leave port, so if you like to take a while – get up earlier!

Lunch is served between dives and ranges from the traditional cooked breakfast to locally made burgers, jacket potatoes, chilli con carne, large platter of cooked meats and cheeses and a big pile of lovely soft rolls.

Dinners are a three course meal, with starters such as goats cheese and red onion tartlets, chorizo & mushroom mini quiches, home made pate, and garlic bread. Main courses are meals such as venison stew with herby dumplings, toad in the hole, lasagne, chicken and broccoli pie, home made Thai curry and the now famous shepherds pie (with extra shepherd).

Puddings are equally as sumptuous, with banoffee pie, chocolate cheesecake, strawberries & cream, upside down cake, tiramisu & apple crumble featuring in the average week.                       

All tastes and diets are easily catered for, so no matter what it is you do or don’t like, we can sort it out – it really is no problem. If you are allergic to something which is commonly used such as nuts, dairy or wheat, please drop us an email in advance if you can so we can stock up on specialist items.

A small surcharge is made to cover the added cost of ingredients for special (non-medical) diets. please see on T&Cs for details.

If you have a severe allergy please contact us before you book. Due to the constraints of food preparation space none of our food can be considered to be truly allergen free and we may need to make alternative arrangements for you.