For 2025 Scapa / Shetland spaces please email. See below for Norway 2025 spaces.

Spaces 2024

Availability as of 19/05/2024

Individual Spaces

7th – 12th of July 2024 1 space available in Faroe.

14th – 19th of July 2024 2 spaces available in Faroe. (Deep week).

4th – 9th of August 6 spaces available in ShetlandWild Swimming Week!!! No diving.

11th – 16th of August 6 spaces available in Shetland.

22nd – 27th of September 10 spaces available in Scapa Flow – Wild Swimming Week!!! No diving.

6th – 11th of October 2024 1 space available in Scapa Flow.

20th – 25th of October 2024 8 spaces available in Scapa Flow.

10th – 15th of November 8 spaces available in Scapa Flow.

Charter Weeks for groups of up to 12.

29th of September – 4th of October 2024 available in Scapa Flow.

13th – 18th of October 2024 available in Scapa Flow.

3rd – 8th of November 2024 available in Scapa Flow.

Other weeks may be available for smaller group sizes. Please get in touch.

2025 Norway Spaces

1st – 7th of June 2025 1 space – Stavanger to Bergen. CCR MOD 2.

15th – 20th of June 8 spaces – Bergen to Bergen CCR or OC Normoxic Trimix.

22nd – 27th of June 3 spaces – Bergen to Bergen recreational week.

Call or email us for latest availability.

Email: expeditions@mv-valhalla.co.uk
Phone or text: 07795 966903
Office: 01856 781769
Facebook: Friends of MV Valhalla
And for those who just like boats: Ships under Northern Skies.

Specialist weeks which can be run on request:

Focus on Photography (an extra emphasis on dives where the photography is good, also extra support for large cameras)

Battleship Tours (rust, rust and more rust, concentrating more on the wrecks of your choice, longer run times and mixed gasses are typical in a heavy metal week.)

Easy Scapa (for those who have yet to catch the Scapa bug, a sample of everything taking it slowly and working our way up)

Scapa in Depth (for those who have been before and wish to dive the cream of the crop, or something a little different)

Technical weeks in Orkney or Shetland (diving in the 50-100m range? contact us to talk over one of our expeditions)

Full Steam Ahead! Looking further ahead or need specific dates? Please contact us find out more.