Diving in Norway

Looking for more adventure? 

During the summer months, our itinerary takes us to the stunning fjords of Norway.

The next trip dates are June / July 2025 …. Please watch this space or our Facebook group Friends of MV Valhalla for future trip dates.

Based in Bergen for changeover’s, our Norway trips travel North through the myriad of islands and narrow fjords, to Sonnefjord and beyond to Floro, with diving on the world class, largely intact, Norwegian wrecks lying on the slopes.

The Ferndale & Parrat at 60m


Frankenwald, Ferndale and Parrat, Ilse Fritzen, Oldenburg, Tyrifjord, Welheim, Spring, Haakon.  All names to conjure with and with the long daylight hours of the North and limited tidal range, diving opportunities abound.

An intact steamship lying in 44 meters the Frankenwald is one of our guests top dives in Norway.

Drysuit experience is a must and SMB deployment should be on your skills list for diving in the Fjords.

While some of the wrecks extend down past 45 meters (down to 80 in some cases). A group of divers with experience to 45/50 meters can easily get a fantastic week in Norway.

Nitrox and Trimix are available on our expeditions.

Our trips start and end in the fantastic city of Bergen.

Bergen has good transport links with the Flesland international airport connecting with many UK Airports with short 70 minute flights.

Stopping at many tiny ports and islands our Norwegian itinerary is more than just a diving trip – its a holiday with a difference.

Our charters in Norway include the well loved Valhalla full board as part of the charter fee.

Cylinders can be hired onboard with 12×2, 15, Alu80 and alu7 available as well as 3Ltr CCR O2 and Dil cylinders.

Sofnolime is available as is Oxygen and Helium.

(Pictures courtesy of Garry Dallas & Guilhem Duprat)

  • 2024

    Our 2024 adventures see us in Scapa Flow in April & May before embarking for Shetland to spend June exploring the wrecks, reefs and caverns.

    We then get underway on our voyage to Faroe where we will be spending July before heading back to Shetland again for 3 weeks in August.

    We then head back to Orkney the last week of August to spend September, October and November in Scapa Flow for the best of the visibility in the sheltered waters of this huge anchorage.

    Hazel and the Team.