We are the proud winners of the Sport Diver Award ‘Best Liveaboard 2014’ , was voted ‘Best Runner Up’ in 2016 and came in third in 2018 !  This competition is between all the liveaboards in the world!

Helen receiving Sport Diver
Best Liveaboard Runner Up award 2016. From left to right: Andy Torbet, Mark Evans, Helen & Monty Hall. (Photo by Jason Brown at BardoCreative)

And in other news we have started a programme of Walking, Kayak and Wildlife watching trips on board our superb small boats. Our Walking tours drop you off on uninhabited islands, visit local ports and historic coastlines and take in the best of what Orkney and Shetland have to offer for moderate to easy walks, while enjoying the afloat experience on our comfortable vessels.

Or Kayak between islands, to caves and voes, stop for lunch on deserted beaches and see the islands from a very different perspective. While the Valhalla moves to join you for an evening of relaxing and superb food. Full safety cover is provided.

In 2019 a walking through History experience in Scapa Flow with our local guide, visiting local historic sites which were witness to the events of the past, while cruising the islands.

Hazel and the Team.